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Elena Venkova

Photographer, videographer, photodesigher in Moscow


Impressive photo sessions in Budapest. Lovely portrait photos. Kind family photos. Business photos. Photo reports about your important events or unusual events in your life.

Photo art design- Photo for Web

Magic, unique design and processing of your photos. Your photos will become attractive and reflect your character or dreams. New&unique photos for publications in Internet networks, photo shooting +photo art design +photos scrap

Food photography

How do you take pictures of food and get such excellent results?
Food photography is one of the most complex kinds of photography. Like drawing, I'll start with a blank canvas and build a layer on the layer, I'll create a photo until I reach the ideal balance of reality and art. All in the photo is a solution. Each piece is ideally located ...

Photo goods, products, interiors, business

Legible photos of your products for publication on the site or printing on leaflets. Informative photos for the presentation of your businessperson, hobby or your products

PhotoBook    PhotoGifts

Original layout of a photo book with your photos, which I made for you.
A full range of works from photos to getting you a ready printed photobook. Order a photobook print and your photos will always be available, what to show them to friends and relatives.
A wonderful gift theme - photo postcard, booklet, photo calendar, photo collage and also an object with a photo. I will do the full work from the photo to the finished product, which will surprise and please the recipient of the gift.

Travel Photography

Photographing Budapest is fun and relatively easy to maneuver in the compact historic district, which makes all the main attractions and different neighborhoods easy to get to and explore on foot. I will highlight some of my favorite and best places to photograph Budapest.

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